In the case of an earthquake…

After an earthquake has occurred, you should evacuate outside to protect yourself, and gather at your designated evacuation area, previously established by the voluntary organization for disaster prevention or by the city. Confirm everyone is safe, then help aid others.

After that, if your house has not been damaged return to your home, in the case that your house has become inhabitable move into a nearby earthquake refuge shelter.

●What is an evacuation area(earthquake)?

It’s a wide open space designated to protect people from falling objects and debris.

For example: the town’s square or a sports ground, etc.

●What is an earthquake refuge shelter?

It’s an indoor facility designated as a shelter for those whose houses were destroyed or those who are not able to use their own houses for shelter due to extreme damage.

For example: a gymnasium, etc.


In the case of wind and flood damage… 

As soon as a storm and flood damaged is predicted and advised, it is important to evacuate to a safe place.

However at night or when the evacuation action has been delayed this could be more dangerous to do. If the water is up to your knees, walking will be difficult so please take refuge on the 2nd floor or above in your house, residence building, etc.

●What is a refuge shelter for storm and flood damage?

It’s an indoor facility to escape from damages caused by wind and floods(typhoon, flood, surge, landslides)


List of designated evacuation areas and refuge shelters


Name of the place


Evacuation area



refuge shelter

Refuge shelter

(wind and flood damage)

Nishio Elementary School

Kinjyo cho 162-1

Hananoki Elementary School

Takabata cho 6 Chome 1

Yatsuomote Elementary School

Yatsuomote cho Ichiba 71

Tsurushiro Elementary School

Sakuramachi Tameike 27-5

Nishi No Machi Elementary School

Kamimachi Gosho No Shita 20


Yonezu Elementary School

Yonezu cho Yashita 18

Nakabata Elementary School

Nakabata cho Inuzuka 65

Heisaka Elementary School

Heisaka cho Rindo 1

Yatta Elementary School

Kamiyatta cho Shinmyoji 24

Terazu Elementary School

Komi cho Wakamiyanishi 25-1

Fuchuchi Nanbu Elementary School

Niike cho Koshinden 42

Fukuchi Hokobu Elementary School

Yugaike cho Daido10

Muroba Elementary School

Muro cho Higashi Bishamon 32

Miwa Elementary School

Komeno cho Matsubauchi 25

Nishio Junior High School

Imagawa cho Doihori 1



Chuo (Central) Gymnasium

Choda cho Maedori 120


Tsurushiro Junior High School

Tsurushiro cho Kamidoten 1-2



Tsurushiro Gymnasium

Tsurushiro cho Kamidoten 24-1



Heisaka Junior High School

Heisaka cho Yoshiyama1-1


Terazu Junior High School

Komi cho Wakamiyanishi 5


Fukuchi Junior High School

Kamidomeki cho Kamishinden 3

Tobu Junior High School

Shimonagara cho Nishigochi 20

Kakujo Gaoka High School

Kamezawa cho 300


Nishio High School

Sakura Machi Okushinden 2-2


Ibun Day Care

Dokoji cho Tennoshita 30-2 


Sports Park Sogo Gymnasium

Ojima cho Daigo 1-1

Nishio Park Sogo Sports Ground

Yamashita cho Awara 70



Togasaki Park

Togasaki 3 Chome 12



Culture Hall (Bunka Kaikan)

Yamashita cho Awara 30



Welfare Center (Fukushi Center)

Hananoki cho 2 Chome 1



Nishi No Machi Fureai Center

Kamimachi Shimoyashiki 17-2



Denso Nishio Factory

Shimohasumi cho Sumisaki 1



Denso Zenmyo Seisakusho

Zenmyo cho Ipponmatsu 100



Aisin・AI (Inc.)

Ojima cho Shiroyama 1



West Isshiki Elementary School

Isshiki cho Jimei Toori nawa 68

Central Isshiki Elementary School

Isshiki cho Isshiki Shimokanchi 55

South Isshiki Elementary School

Isshiki cho Nakato Zawakami Oowari 115

East Isshiki Elementary School

Isshiki cho Nodateigai 36

Sakushima Elementary & J.H School

Isshiki cho Sakushima Kagenashi 50


Isshiki-cho Kominkan

Isshiki cho Isshiki Higashimae Shinden 8

Shirahama Elementary School

Kira cho Shirahama Shinden Kitagiri 1

Yoshida Elementary School

Kira cho Yoshida Ogirima 18

Ogiwara Elementary School

Kira cho Ogiwara Ehoshi16

Yokosuka Elementary School

Kira cho Kamiyokosuka Hishiike 13-1

Tsuhira Elementary School

Kira cho Tsuhira Ooiri 1

Hazu Elementary School

Nishi Hazu cho Kitaokawari 1

East Hazu Elementary School

Higashi Hazu cho Nakao 10-2


East Hazu Gymnasium

Higashi Hazu cho Nakao 3-1



Hazu Ikiiki Center

Nishi Hazu cho Nakada 14-2

Toba Rojin Ikoi no ie

Toba cho

Icchoda 32-2